What If : Rose + Apple + Lime Herb Cooler

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Refreshing herb cooler, smartly crafted in India. 

a sip for good health

green tea helps balance cholesterol levels and increases body metabolism.

find your peace

amino acids in green tea help you destress

power up with acerola

vitamin c from acerola berries boosts the effect of antioxidants present in green tea

100% natural flavours

natural, not nature identical

Nutritional Facts

per 100g/per serving (apprx)

Energy 30KCAL
Proteins 0.4G
Carbohydrates 7.1G
Fats NIL
Sodium 0.0021G
Cholesterol NIL
Dietary Fiber NIL
Calcium 0.06G
Vitamin C 0.0078G
Iron 0.00076G


Ingredients : Water, Sugar, Acerola Extract, Citric Acid (330INS), Flavour (Green Mango), Permitted Class II, Preservatives (E211,E2020