What If! Refreshing Coolers Mix Flavour Pack

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Smartly Crafted Herb & Green Tea Coolers

Order the What If! pack of 4 flavours, each crafted to balance flavour and nutrients to give you a refreshing and calm feeling.

Your order includes the below 4 flavours:

  1. Green Mango Green Tea Cooler
  2. Peach Green Tea Cooler
  3. Blueberry, Apple & Lime Herb Cooler
  4. Rose + Apple + Lime Herb Cooler

Plant Based & Natural Ingredients

  • Our formulas include plant based and natural ingredients like green tea, herbs, inulin (extracted from chicory)

100% Natural Flavours

  • Natural, not nature identical

Essential Vitamins & Minerals

  • Restore vital minerals and vitamins B3, B5, B6

Green Tea Benefits

  • Our green tea coolers are loaded with amino acids in green tea to help you destress
  • Green tea also helps balance cholesterol levels and increase body metabolism

Please allow us a standard delivery time of 7 days to service your order

*Please Note*

The current batch of What If Coolers has an expiry date on Nov 14th of next month. As per FSSAI norms, the consumption of the product is completely safe before the given date.