1947- India's own energy drink

What are Energy Drinks and Can Energy Drinks Improve Brain Function?

Healthy energy drinks act as a catalyst enhancing your performance by giving you a physiological boost and helping you get through a tiring day. Although many people think of energy drinks as unhealthy, some contain natural and nutritional ingredients, which are more beneficial for the body. The new-age energy drinks contain a natural source of caffeine, vitamins, natural flavour, and good sugar substitute. You can also buy mental focus energy drinks that improve your mental alertness and physical ability. 

Why Do People Consume Energy Drinks?

Caffeine in energy drinks raises alertness, improves memory, and elevates your mood to strengthen concentration. Also, these instant energy drinks are highly effective in increasing physical performance.

Energy drinks are distinct from soft drinks. These drinks are excellent for folks who want a caffeine boost but do not prefer to consume hard caffeine through coffee or tea. Energy drinks are available in a variety of tastes and alternatives. 

Today, you can also get 100% natural energy drinks in the healthiest flavours like green apple, with no added sugar. If you are a fitness fanatic, there are specific brands like Sipwise that offer healthy energy drinks like 1947 - India's own energy drink based on natural caffeine extracts. These are the best energy drink for the brain.

The main idea behind energy drinks is to provide long-term energy gain with essential vitamins and fewer calories. These drinks are preferred by athletes because the presence of caffeine and carbohydrates in them helps them recover faster after a round of exercise. However, energy drinks are often confused with sports drinks. But in reality, these are completely different products. 

Most sportspersons prefer a cool, light beverage to a hot or milky one after an exercise and energy drinks solve the purpose. And because energy drinks are served cold, they are quick and easy to consume than coffee.

While some energy drinks are classified as beverages, others, particularly those containing food additives, are sold as nutritional supplements. Energy drinks often include substitutes of sugar, B vitamins, in addition to caffeine. With the right energy drinks, you are sure to get a punch of energy and a kick in your efficiency. The effect may not be noticeable right away but may result in long-term energy gain.

Since energy drinks intend to boost effectiveness and energy levels, they can be consumed if you are feeling weak or fatigued. You can also opt for a healthy energy drink for weakness.

Energy drinks do not need to be brewed or heated, making them a convenient RTD caffeine delivery option. While black coffee has no calories, there are a variety of zero-calorie energy drinks in the market that provide caffeine without the added calories and low sugar.

How can Energy Drinks Improve Brain Function?

  • Energy drinks aim to increase energy levels. Research has shown that the stimulant effects of energy drinks are predominantly due to caffeine, which is a prime component of energy drinks. People who are tired or believe that caffeine will give them an edge when exercising or participating in competitive sports may find it appealing to drink a beverage that provides instant energy.
  • Energy drinks give you a sense of alertness, a sense of wakefulness, improving overall productivity.
  • Energy drinks are popular because they not only boost energy but also aid weight loss, increase endurance, and improve attention. One of the most prominent methods is to improve brain function to promote mental attentiveness.
  • Multiple studies show that energy drinks can increase brain function such as memory, focus, and reaction time while reducing mental weariness. Energy drinks also come to the rescue for a variety of reasons, such as helping you function effectively when you are sleep deprived or exhausted.
  • On long, late-night car trips, energy drinks can help the driver stay awake behind the wheel. Energy drinks improve driving simulators, enhancing the driving quality and minimising tiredness, especially in sleep-deprived drivers.

Contrary to the popular myth that energy drinks are unhealthy, they help improve brain function and make you feel more rejuvenated and energetic, improving your overall efficiency while supplying your body with instant vitamins and health boosters.


Today, owing to their multiple health benefits, energy drinks have become a dietary favourite among teenagers and young adults, second only to multivitamins. The stimulants present in these drinks boost your alertness, helps you focus better and improve your stamina. According to reports, men between 18 and 34 years consume the most energy drinks, with nearly a third of youths aged 12 to 17 using them daily.

Energy drinks help you stay active all day. As a result, you can include them in your diet after a long day at work. 

Choose health drinks from Sipwise that are 100% natural, rooting on organic alternatives of caffeine and no added sugar. Inspired by science and crafted by nature, health drinks from Sipwise come in healthy and delicious. Choose 1947 - India's own energy drink and rejuvenate healthily. 

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