1947 Swadesi Swag Participation Details

1947 Swadesi Swag Participation Details

Participate to win : 

  1. Rs. 25,000 cash prize
  2. Studio time with a producer to record a track.
  3. A music video.

Participation Details:

  1. Purchase 2 cans of 1947 from here: https://sipwise.co.in/products/1947-swadesi-swag-participation-pack
  2. The product will reach you in 2-3 days.
  3. Record a video of you rapping. 
  4. The video must have the below:
    • You must be holding a can of 1947.
    • Your rap must contain the term "Swadesi Swag"
    • Video submissions will start on Monday, 10th June 2019. 
    • Video submission procedure:
  • Upload video to Youtube. The title must contain your name and "Swadesi Swag Participation"
  • Copy / Paste the video link at www.swadesiswag.com 
  • After the submission period there is a voting period.
  • The top 10 entries will compete in an offline battle judged by India's most respected rappers.
  • 1 winner will be selected.

Key Dates : 

  • Monday, 3rd June - Campaign Start Date
  • Monday, 10th June - Video Submission Start Date
  • Sunday, 16th June - Offline Video Auditions at Method Art Space
  • Monday, 24th June (no entries will be accepted after this) - Video Submission End Date
  • Tuesday, 26th June - Voting Start Date
  • Sunday, 7th July - Voting End Date
  • Saturday, 12th July - Offline Rap Battle

 1947 Swadesi Swag Participation Details Win Rs.25000 Rap Cypher

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