Can Turmeric Drinks Help You to Lose Weight?

Turmeric is a household staple in India and has been for centuries. Its popularity in the Asian subcontinent has been imminent for years. Interestingly, the golden spice is also becoming known for its remarkable properties in the West. While the benefits of drinking turmeric are far too many, it is the spice’s involvement in weight loss that is the current rage all over the globe. Let’s find out if this is yet another baseless fad or a natural weight loss remedy backed by science.

Is Turmeric Really Effective in Weight Loss?

Remember when your parents gave you turmeric milk after you scraped your knee or fell sick? Turmeric has always been famous for being an exceptional immunity boosting drinkThis is particularly because of the presence of curcumin. Curcumin is loaded with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is actively used as a healing ingredient. Additionally, it is also used for disease prevention. This is one of the reasons most people were consuming turmeric in different forms when the Covid-19 pandemic first hit the world. However, as per studies, turmeric is also a viable weight loss agent. 

Turmeric for weight loss has been found effective due to the presence of curcumin. Curcumin can reduce inflammation in the body, which leads to obesity. Tests carried out on animals also suggest that turmeric effectively reduces the growth of fat tissue and lowers the chances of regaining weight. So, you can keep off the kilos you shed. 

However, it is essential to note that experts also found that the effectiveness of turmeric can truly come to force when consumed with pepper. This is because the human body does not absorb curcumin into the bloodstream when it is alone. It needs a companion – Piperine, which is found in black pepper and can help with the absorption of turmeric when taken together.

How Much Turmeric Should You Take for Weight Loss?

The requirement can vary based on your current weight, age, fitness levels, daily activity, diet, and other similar factors. However, Healthline reported that a study carried out for 30 days comprising 44 people found that those who took 88 mg of curcumin twice a day were able to lose weight and lower their body mass index (BMI).

Eight grams of curcumin per day can be ideal for most people. Having said that, it may be better to consult a doctor before adding it to your diet. This is particularly important for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Moreover, high doses of turmeric may be harmful to diabetics, people with iron deficiency, bleeding issues, as well as those suffering from kidney stones. So, if you have any of these health issues, you can avoid turmeric.

How Can You Add Turmeric to Your Diet to Get Turmeric Benefits for Weight Loss?

Here are some ways in which you can add turmeric to your diet:

  1. Try a turmeric drinkA drink like the Yellow roots - immunity boosting turmeric shot   can be an easy way to add turmeric to your daily routine. This drink contains 95% curcuminoids making it a fantastic immunity drink that also boosts weight loss. The drink contains no added sugar.  So, you can add it to your diet without any worries. Like all Sipwise beverages, it is 100% natural, vegan certified, prepared using natural herbs from across the world. It is also a simple alternative that can help you save time. You can carry the shots to work, college, school, or even while travelling.
  2. Turmeric tea: You can make turmeric tea and add other ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, lemon, honey, etc., to cut out the taste of turmeric. Using organic turmeric may be the best here. Just bring all ingredients to a boil, strain it, and drink the tea twice a day. Also, do not forget to add a dash of pepper for better curcumin absorption. 
  3. Turmeric milk: This has been synonymous with India for so long. Turmeric milk is often given to children as it helps heals wounds and cuts and build overall immunity. You can try it as a weight loss product too. However, you may want to shift to low-fat milk to lower the calorie intake.
  4. Add it to your food: Indian food heavily relies on the golden spice for taste, colour, and flavour. Eating vegetables and lentils may be a feasible way to consume turmeric for most people.         

How Much Weight Can You Lose by Consuming Turmeric?

There is no fixed number as a variety of things trigger your weight loss. Sleep, calories burnt versus calories consumed, age, health conditions, etc., can determine your weight on the scale. Adding a turmeric drink like the Yellow roots - immunity boosting turmeric shot can help in losing weight, but you must also focus on eating healthy in controlled portions and exercising a few times a week.

To sum it up

Turmeric is a wholesome ingredient that can offer several advantages. As long as you take it in controlled quantities, you have nothing to worry about. So, do try a turmeric immunity boosting drink to be fully fit and healthyHowever, to be sure that you suffer from no side effects and you are consuming the ideal quantity as per your present BMI, height, and weight, you can consider reaching out to a nutritionist or dietician.
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