7 Ways Women Can Give Their Sex Drive a Boost

7 Ways Women Can Give Their Sex Drive a Boost

It is completely normal to experience fluctuations in your sex drive over time. Libido or sex drive is a term that refers to a person’s sexual desire. There are various factors, internal and environmental, that affect your libido. Some of them are hormone levels, drugs, disrupted sleeping patterns, unhealthy lifestyle and food habits. Everyone's libido is different. However, most people notice a decline in their libido as they approach their senior years.

Reasons for a Shift in Female Sex Drive

Everything has an effect on your libido, from your menstrual cycle to the amount of stress you are under at work. In some circumstances, though, a rapid shift in your sex drive could be an indication of an underlying medical problem. Women’s sexual health can be influenced by sex-related hormones such as estrogen.

Any alteration in the estrogen levels after menopause causes libido and sexual function to suffer. Another symptom of menopause is vaginal dryness. Certain birth control drugs have been linked to a decline in libido. 

Seven Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

Libido or sex drive is not the same for everyone. Low libido is not usually a problem, but if someone wants to increase their libido, they can attempt a variety of natural approaches, such as:

  • Keeping a check on your anxiety: For both males and females, elevated levels of anxiety are a typical barrier to sexual functioning and libido. Anxiety can be caused by everyday stress or it can be sex-related. Anxiety and stress can also affect concentration. 

When you are stressed, it's difficult to feel sexual, and this translates clinically. Anxiety has been shown to exacerbate sexual dysfunction.

  • Communication: If you are experiencing a low sex drive in your relationship, effective communication is critical. Consider talking more openly as a couple about your experiences, wants and desires. 

However, exhibit empathy and compassion for your partner's perspective while resolving any relationship stress. It is much easier to bridge the gap between mismatched sex drives if you talk effectively. Having an open and honest conversation with your partner might help you get your worries off your chest and address any issues that are bothering you. 

Spend 20 minutes talking to your partner without being distracted by your phone or the television. You may draw your partner deeper into your world by communicating with them, and you can let them know if anything is missing in your sex life. 

Perhaps you would prefer some extended foreplay or a little nasty chat. Whatever is bothering you, dialogue can help you resolve it.

  • Sleep cycle: A good night's sleep plays an important role in sexual health for women. Disturbances in the sleep pattern have been linked to a variety of health issues, including low libido and sexual dysfunction. 

If you are suffering from a major sleep disorder, meet your doctor about treatment options. You can try techniques to improve your sleep pattern if you have a problem, such as insomnia from time-to-time

  • Natural remedies: According to studies, some natural therapies that aid in boosting libido for women have shown great results and have few adverse effects. Ginseng, a natural root, has been demonstrated to improve libido and sexual performance. 

Korean Red Ginseng, a kind of ginseng, has proven to heighten the libido urges of menopausal women. In addition, ginseng is an active ingredient in Amore, a herbal aphrodisiac by Sipwise, consumed to enhance women’s libido.

  • Exercise: Being physically active has multiple advantages for the human body, higher sex drive being one of them. Exercising regularly increases libido. Physical activity increases libido in women and provides other benefits like uplifting body self-image with better cardiovascular health and mood. 

A lack of exercise could be one of the reasons for the drop in your sex drive. Exercising regularly is beneficial for your health, and your doctor may recommend that you do it (or do more of it) to help amplify your libido. Exercising is a natural libido stimulant, whether it is yoga, jogging, or playing your favourite sport.

Many health care providers recommend exercising as a technique to feel more at ease and confident in the bedroom. Kegels help to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, which contract during orgasm. Your doctor may advise you to incorporate Kegels into your training programme.

  • Intake of libido-improving foods: Aphrodisiacs are meals that can increase your sex drive, whereas anaphrodisiacs are foods that can decrease it. Spicy meals have long been thought to stimulate sexual activity. 

Oysters, in reality, are abundant in zinc, a vitamin that was absent in most diets. Consuming oysters could help to improve a nutritionally deficient diet, enhancing overall health and sex drive. 

In case you are looking for an instant solution, Sipwise beverages have launched an aphrodisiac for her called Amore - For Her which has a unique formulation along with herbal extracts.

  • Limiting alcohol intake: From blood flow to organ function, alcohol can harm elements of your body that are vital for sexual function and drive. If you notice a change in libido after drinking, try to limit yourself to just one glass of wine or cocktail.

Habits that Ruin Your Sex Drive

In addition to the above, you should cease indulging in the following undesirable habits;

  • Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol
  • Getting insufficient sleep
  • Taking on an excessive amount of stress
  • Sugar overconsumption


If you are having trouble with your libido, there are several things you can try to increase your sex drive and live a healthy and happy sex life. With Sipwise’s herbal Amore For Her, you can get an instant kick in your sex drive. It helps to increase muscle strength, elevate mood, improve stamina and overall sexual health. Daily consumption of Amore is known to confer maximum health benefits.

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