5 Things in Your Control You Can Do to Boost Libido

Age, health conditions, relationship issues, mental state, stress, and more can together impact your body in more ways than you can imagine. Poor sexual health for women is one of the most common issues faced by women. While there can be several reasons for a lower libido or sex drive, the most common ones have been discussed in this article. 

Keep reading to know the causes behind your lack of interest or poor performance in sex and how you can naturally boost female libido.

Reason 1: Lack of enough exercise:

The modern world has made life simple and hassle-free. You can book a cab and have it pick you up from your doorstep. Your groceries, food, medicines, clothes, and more are being delivered home. Lifts take you to your designated floor, and smart devices make your coffee while you are still in bed. All of these things, coupled with deadlines and the lack of time, contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. Forget going to the gym – most people today hardly walk around in their homes.

Solution 1: Exercise:

Increasing physical activity releases happy hormones that can regulate your overall mood. Additionally, being active can be a natural sex enhancer for womenSeveral studies show that exercise can lead to a higher sex drive. Kegel exercises, swimming, walking, strength training etc., can improve sexual stamina and performance during intercourse. 

Reason 2: Unhealthy diet:

An unbalanced diet ultimately reflects on your health. If you are not consuming a high-nutrient diet, you may likely suffer from low libido.

Solution 2: Try natural aphrodisiacs:

Adding natural aphrodisiacs can help boost female libido in a relatively quick way. Fenugreek and Gokshur are two of the best female libido boosters. You can consume them daily to see a difference. Since they are natural herbs, you do not have to worry about any side effects. The Sipwise beverage such as Amore for Her is a scientifically evaluated drink that contains these herbs. The beverage can help in elevating mood and enhancing sexual health. It also helps with strengthening muscles and boosting sexual stamina.

Moreover, the drink increases oestrogen levels in the body, which are responsible for regulating sexual mood in women. Besides being a 100% natural and vegan certified drink, it can be consumed by most women and fits into any diet.

Reason 3: No communication with your partner:

Poor sexual health for women can, more often than not, be linked to the lack of proper communication and emotional connection between two partners. If you feel distinct and unattached to your partner, you may lack the motivation and will to connect sexually.

Solution 3: Talk it out:

Being honest and transparent about your likes and dislikes can be a sex enhancer for women and men. Try to follow things that you both enjoy and are comfortable with. Learn to trust each other and be open to trying new things. Instead of hiding your emotions, communicate them well without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. You can also consider sex therapy if you find any roadblocks along the way.

Reason 4: Not sleeping well:

Insomnia or not clocking in enough sleep due to work or personal commitments can lower your libido. Lack of sleep often results in low energy and mind fog. Sleep helps in regulating your mental health. It lets your body rest and recoup, so you can be physically active and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 

Solution 4: Get enough sleep:

A minimum of eight hours of sleep can be a libido booster for females. It helps you relax and rejuvenates. If you are unable to find enough time, try taking small naps whenever you get a chance. Ditch the television at night and make sure you practice sleep hygiene to avoid sleep issues.

Reason 5: Medical reasons:

Underlying medical conditions like thyroid, hormonal imbalance, menopause, etc., can be responsible for low libido and reduced sexual stamina. In such a case, even the best female libido boosters may not be enough.

Solution 5: See a medical expert:

If you suffer from a medical condition or are taking medication for a health concern, your sex life may be impacted as a side effect. It may be better to consult a doctor and rule out any such reasons. The doctor would be able to conduct the necessary tests and offer the correct course of action.

To sum it up

Understand that it is normal to go through such phases at different stages of life. Natural aphrodisiacs, exercise, sleep, and communication can help boost female libido and improve sexual health for women in most casesHowever, seeing a doctor can be effective if you continue to feel the same.

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