4 Cooling Herbs You Can Add to Your Diet This Summer

4 Cooling Herbs You Can Add to Your Diet This Summer

As summer approaches, there is a rapid temperature rise. It becomes more necessary than ever to maintain body balance and keep yourself cool. During summers, people look for ways to stay hydrated while continuing their daily chores. Tempting options like ice cream and icy drinks on a hot day bring brief relief, but they are not ideally the best or healthy options. 

Lack of proper hydration and prolonged exposure to the sun can cause heatstroke. Therefore, it is critical to find the right hydrating herbal health drink this summer. 

Here are four cooling herbs for summer that you can add to your diet:

What is a Cooling Herb?

Living in harmony with nature is the simplest way to stay healthy. Natural herbs are crucial in determining the wellbeing of your body and maintaining an appropriate temperature. In addition, consumption of these herbs can help rejuvenate your skin, improve your digestive system, and promote overall wellness.

Herbs are a natural technique to help the body maintain its ideal temperature. Natural herbs aid in reducing the excess heat and boosting the strength of the human body. Hot flashes, dryness, disorientation, sleeplessness, and even an erratic heartbeat can be cured through the right cooling herbs Ayurveda. The most commonly available cooling herbs for summers are mint, basil, rose, chamomile and many others.

Which Herb has a Cooling Effect?

Leading an unhealthy lifestyle and eating junk food might raise the risk of heat in the body, which activates the 'Pitta Dosh'. According to Ayurveda, Pitta or body heat allows the human metabolism to function properly. However, the body heat rises dramatically in the case of pitta dosh. This abrupt rise in body temperature disrupts normal metabolism and causes a chemical imbalance in the body.

The herbs that can help you stay cool, aid digestion and relieve inflammation are:

  1. Mint
  2. Camomile
  3. Fennel
  4. Rosehips
  5. Brahmi (Bacopa Monieri) 
  6. Ashwagandha (WithaniaSomnifera)
  7. Tulsi
  8. Amla

The herbs can be taken in numerous ways with a variety of recipes or in the form of herbal drinks.

Four Herbs to Add to Your Diet This Summer

Here are a few herbs to incorporate into your diet to help you beat the summer heat.

  • Mint: Mint is more than simply a breath freshener; it is a popular and easy-to-find herb that can help you stay cool in the heat. This cooling spice, when picked fresh, is a great way to beat the heat in a summer lemonade or fresh fruit salad. 

It's high in menthol, which can help with stomach and chest aches. The robust flavour is highly refreshing and may be utilised in a variety of recipes. It can also be used in different detox recipes to help the body clear itself of toxins. 

Peppermint and spearmint are ideal for eating during the summer because they are the easiest herbs to find fresh in the market. In addition, making tea with mint leaves can lower body temperature by inducing sweating.

  • Rose: Rose petals have a relaxing impact on the body and can be used to chill the body, treat menstrual cramps, and relieve diarrhoea due to their astringent properties. This herb is also readily available and can be incorporated into your summer diet to beat the heat. 

By cooling the body, gulkand, a rose petal jam, can also help to prevent sunstroke. It also prevents nosebleeds caused by the body's excessive heat. Rose drinks are also a great way to intake this herb for a cooling effect.

  • Chamomile: This herb can cool the body, relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety, and relax the digestive system. Chamomile is the ultimate soother that supports sound sleep and relieves body heat. 

Chamomile calms inflammation, rashes, insect bites, cuts and scrapes, etc. In addition, it is good for the skin and scalp. This is due to its antispasmodic properties, which help muscles relax. Because of the unpleasantness of the heat, we tend to stiffen up, putting strain on our muscles. Chamomile aids in the relaxation of the body, allowing it to loosen up and release trapped heat. 

Chamomile not only helps to relieve physical tension but also helps to relax the nervous system. You get more anxious and irritable when exposed to excessive heat. Because the body cools down when it's time to sleep, applying chamomile to the skin right before bed will help you sleep better in the heat.

  • Brahmi (Bacopa Monieri): For ages, Ayurveda has been used to cure a wide range of diseases, and it continues to do so today through its age-old practice of balancing the various systems in our bodies with herbal therapies. 

For instance, Brahmi is a unique herb that has been long used as a brain stimulant. It has a bitter and sweet flavour and provides a cooling effect. In addition, Brahmi is a medicinal herb that has been used for centuries as a memory enhancer, aphrodisiac, and health tonic. 

Many herbal drinks also contain Brahmi as a key ingredient, as do the vegan herbal coolers from Sipwise.


In this scorching summer heat, using herbs is beneficial for your skin, digestion and holistic well-being. Extreme heat, specific diets, and other circumstances can cause heat stress, which can be easily managed through the right herbs. 

Since summers are a sweltering experience, these are herbs for cooling the body. However, while air conditioners and cool drinks can assist in maintaining the body temperature, a change in diet is also necessary for keeping the body healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

To choose a completely vegan option for summer drink intake, trust Sipwise healthy drinks. The What If Herb Cooler is 100% natural, vegan with no added sugar and comes in a wide range of delightful flavours like green tea, blueberry, strawberry, etc.

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