10 Simple Hangover Cures You Can Try Right Away

Love being the life of the party but hate waking up with a hangover? This article is for you!

Catching up with friends, celebrating a career achievement, dating, or simply raising a toast at the end of the day with your loved ones around – there are several reasons to celebrate with your favourite drink in hand. But if you happen to go a bit overboard and have a terrible hangover the next day, you can try these ten simple cures that make you feel better right away.

  1. Try a herbal hangover remedy drink:

Our ancestors liked drinking, too, and when they woke up, they took herbal remedies to feel better. While it may be hard to run around finding these herbs in today’s time, Sipwise beverages bring to you the right combination of herbs that make for a fantastic instant hangover cure.

The Morning Aid - Natural Anti-Hangover Cure is an all-natural hangover remedy drink that contains ginger and prickly pear along with sugarcane and lime flavour that help with nausea so that you feel fresh in the morning. The best part about this certified vegan product is that you can take it before your first drink, after your last drink, or the first thing in the morning when you wake up the next day. Either way, you can say bye to your hangover! Also, the drink contains no added sugar.

  • Drink water:
  • Alcohol can sometimes lead to diarrhoea, vomiting, and even sweating. All of these things dehydrate the body and make you feel worse than you already do. Lack of water can make your legs cramp and give you a headache, too. But this can be reversed with water. Drinking water in between drinks as well as later is often recommended by doctors and nutritionists. Water is the best hangover cure that you can quickly get your hands on. So, make sure to keep your water bottle nearby. 

  • Eggs for breakfast:
  • No matter how terrible your stomach feels, getting in some food can actually help treat a hangover. Eggs, in particular, can be an excellent alcohol hangover cure. Alcohol can cause stress and anxiety, along with nausea and headache. Eggs contain cysteine, an amino acid that fights all of these issues. Moreover, eggs make you feel fuller for a long time. So, the urge to eat unhealthy food - a feeling accompanied by alcohol, is reduced. This helps ensure better digestion and reduces the chances of diarrhoea and vomiting.

  • Have some soup:
  • If you are not in the mood for whole foods, you can try having some soup. Eating soup can be a great way to get some water in your body while also filling your stomach with something healthy. 

  • Have an electrolyte drink:
  • Alcohol can lead to electrolyte depletion, which is why electrolyte drinks are another fantastic hangover cure drinkIf you feel drained out and lazy, you can try sipping on your favourite electrolyte drink for some instant energy.

  • Have some coffee or green tea:
  • Coffee and tea contain caffeine that can help get rid of grogginess. So, your morning cup of Joe or a nice flavoured green tea can be the best hangover cure drink and help you feel a whole lot better. But stick to your usual cup size. Going overboard may cause further nausea and dehydration. 

  • Have some ginger:
  • Ginger can be one of the most effective natural remedies for a hangover. Alcohol can cause some oxidative stress in your body. Ginger is high in antioxidants and helps to combat this. The beauty of ginger is that you can have it in different ways. You can add it to your food. You can make ginger tea. Alternatively, you can try drinks like the  Morning Aid - Natural Anti-Hangover Cure that also contains ginger along with other beneficial herbs and teas.

  • Eat some carbs:
  • Alcohol disrupts your blood sugar levels. Eating carbs can help stabilise them and give you energy. However, it is important to eat light carbs like toast, wheat bread, and other similar options. Consuming fried food or highly processed food will likely upset your stomach and worsen your hangover. You can try toast with eggs, toast, and honey, wheat bread with some yoghurt, etc. 

  • Sleep a little extra:
  • Nothing beats a terrible hangover like sleep. If you are lucky enough to have a hangover on your day off, you can sleep in late. Sleep is an easy way out to block all the uncomfortable aftereffects of drinking. As long as you are asleep, you will not feel your head pain, or your stomach hurt. Moreover, it will give your body time to relax and recoup after binge drinking.   

  • See a doctor for some IV (Intravenous):
  • Although you will probably not have to do this, sometimes binge drinking can cause extreme loss of water due to vomiting, sweating, and diarrhoea. If your condition seems to get worse, it may be best to contact a doctor and rehydrate yourself with some IV drips. IV drips administer saline-based electrolyte solution to your body in the case of severe dehydration. This can be a much quicker and more effective way to increase water and vitamin levels and may be necessary in some cases. 

    To sum it up

    While an alcohol hangover cure can help you feel better, keeping your drinking in check may be more suitable. Consuming too much alcohol not only impacts your health but also spoils your mood. So, try to drink as much as your body can comfortably handle. Having said that, some occasions account for extra fun. Living in the moment is essential. So, if you do seize the moment and wake up with a hangover, resort to any of these cures, and you will not have to spend the rest of the day in agony. 
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